dr antoine hallak

Dr. Hallak is simply AMAZING! 

I had a breast lift and augmentation back in July 2013 with a surgeon in La Jolla, very expensive surgery, but I had believed that expensive meant the best. I was so wrong! I was never totally pleased with the results but I had no other option than accept the look of my breasts. 

In January 2015 I had my first mammogram and it was a total disaster! The muscle covering the implants got torn and the implants dropped. I could feel them right under my skin. Of course the mammogram clinic makes you sign a waiver saying that they are not responsible for any damage to implants. 

When I noticed that something was wrong, I went to see the surgeon in La Jolla and left his office feeling very disappointed and angry, he said that the repair of the muscles was going to cost me over half of the amount that I had payed for the lift and implants! 

A couple of months ago I decided to go see Dr. Hallak and he immediately explained that what had happened could be easily fixed. He was so kind, honest and professional that I knew right away that I wanted him to do my surgery!

I was also given a much more reasonable quote, so I asked him to schedule my surgery as soon as possible. The office staff was also very nice and professional. 

Dr. Hallak repaired the muscles in both breasts, re-positioned the implants (now they look fuller and closer) and revised the scars under the breasts and around the areolas. From the day of the surgery and ever since, Dr. Hallak has been available for me to answer any questions I may have. 

My surgery was 6 weeks ago and I absolutely love the look of my breasts.

This is the exact result that I wanted to achieve in my first and very expensive surgery! My friends and family have told me that I look incredibly good. I’m so happy and thankful I found Dr. Hallak! 

If you’re looking for a great plastic surgeon in San Diego, schedule a consult with Dr. Hallak, you will be in the best hands. I highly recommend him to everyone! 


Dr. Hallak is a very thoughtful surgeon who took the time to explain my options. He knew how important it was for me to obtain a stylish look without overdoing it. Although I managed to fill a 34D before my surgery, my breasts were uneven and had lost all fullness. In addition to my much needed lift, I also wanted an areola reduction.

I had complete faith in Dr. Hallak and now after a breast lift, areloar reduction and 400 cc high profile implants thanks to Dr. Hallak’s skillful hands, I am a sexy 36DD and my breasts are shaped beautifully and feel very natural. My sincere thanks to Dr. Hallak and his staff.

-E D

Hello I am a patient of Dr. Hallaks I had breast augmentation & this is my testimonial: Being fairly new to Sandiego I went on to see many doctors for consults on having my breast implants replaced. I had saline implants for 11 years and was ready to replace them with silicone implants.I was very nervous and didn’t want a drastic change Dr Hallak & his staff were incredible I had such a great experience really liked everyone at the surgery center also. I knew I was in good hands all of my questions were answered & concerns were addressed I’ve been so pleased with the results my new implants look so good and natural I’m always getting compliments when I’m out with friends.I’m very excited to show off my new look this summer on the beach. I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made to have Dr. Hallak as my surgeon! Thank-you

-R H

My experience with Dr. Hallak was extremely positive. I had first known of Dr. Hallak’s professionalism and personal attention through surgery he performed on my husband during a severe medical crisis. I was impressed with Dr. Hallak’s dedication to his work and interest in follow up care. Dr. Hallak is personable and responsive. I flew from Alaska to San Diego in order to consult with Dr. Hallak and returned in order to have Dr. Hallak perform a full facelift. I had vision problems with a drooping eyelid. Dr. Hallak corrected the issue through surgery and I chose to also complete the work with a full facelift. Dr. Hallak helped arrange a nurse to care for me as I was alone for the surgery. His office staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I am very satisfied with Dr. Hallak’s work and would not hesitate to recommend him.

-M S

My overall experience with Dr Hallak was exceptional. He answered all my questions thoroughly and patiently. I never left a pre op or post op appt feeling doubtful, un informed or nervous. His staff is friendly and professional. I have been recommending him to friends and family since my procedure.I couldn’t be happier, Thank you for everything!

-J D

First let me say how pleased I am with the results of my procedures. As you know, I had a mini face lift with upper and lower blepharoplasty. It has now been 3 months since the surgery and every day I wake up so glad I had this done. The results are amazing. I would also like to add his honesty, and telling you what can be done and not to be done, made me realize from our first meeting, he was a Doctor who was not after the money, but doing a job that would make his patients happy and also him!

Only wish there were more Plastic Surgeons like Doctor Hallak!

-E K

Dr. Hallack’s work on repairing my earlobe was superb; the process was very fast with very little discomfort.

Farah, Dr Hallack’s assistant is always very professional and pleasant to work with.I would highly recommend Dr. Hallack’s services.

-C. Lester (Oceanside)

Dear Dr. Hallak,

All of the Holms family would like to thank you for your kindness and wisdom during our mother’s/wife and daughter’s bout with Stevens – Johnson syndrome. Now that she is out of danger, we think it is time to give credit where it’s due. Competent, sensitive physicians like you are the pride of the medical profession. We can’t say enough good about you. We are thankful that she will be around for a long time thanks to your ability and good judgment.

Our family wishes to express our heart felt appreciation for the kindness and excellent care our mother, Gail Holmes received during her recent hospitalization. Of course we were very saddened by her illness, but we were comforted in knowing that she received the best care available. The sensitivity and support of your fine staff helped us through what was a very difficult time, and we will never forget your kindness. Please express our appreciation to everyone who worked with her.

Thank you,
-G. Holms

I had a positive experience and sense of security coming to Dr.Hallak knowing that he would do an excellent job with my breast augmentation. Every physician will tell you that they will do the best job but I am proof of naturally looking enhanced breasts. I have referred many friends who seek consultation to Dr.Hallak.


Dr. Hallak changed my life. It is that simple. I have always been terrified of medical proceedures, but not only did Dr. Hallak put me at ease, I also trusted that he wanted me to look and feel as great as I hoped. I knew that a Breast Reduction/Lift and Lipo would make me feel better and more confident, but I just had no idea there would be so many small moments a day in which I would notice a difference in my life. To buy clothes off the rack that fit, to run on the treadmill, to sleep without constant soreness, to walk taller and enter a room with confidence. Dr. Hallak not only helped me to look my best, but to feel my best. His honesty and surgical talent are a winning combination and I have recommended him to all of the women I know. The most amazing compliment I receive over and over again? “Wow, you look so much younger!” Thank you to Dr. Hallak and his wonderful staff. You have made me feel beautiful.


I don’t know how to thank Dr. Hallak for all of that he has done for me. I suffered from lower back, knee and hip pain for years which made it hard to walk and exercise. I also had large dent in my shoulder which Made my arms go numb and had very bad headaches. My breast were very large in size. Since Dr. Hallak did my breast reduction I feel like a new woman. I am enjoying walking again, I can even go shopping with friends. My husband loves the new look too.

You promised me that it wouldn’t hurt and you were right. I couldn’t believe how fast you returned my call when I had a question after the surgery. You are the best.. You explain everything so I could understand what was happening and what I need to do.

Thank you so very much to you Dr. Hallak and your wonderful staff. Everyone was very professional but very warm, friendly and kind to me.



My first encounter with Dr. Hallak was through a clinic where I had gone for help with a wound on my hip that had not healed following orthopedic surgery many months before. Dr. Hallak sometimes assisted the clinic by performing plastic surgery as the final step in the healing process of such wounds, and I was very fortunate to receive his services. I was greatly impressed with his caring attitude toward me, and with his skill in healing my wound. Indeed, today my hip is left with only a minor scar.

Therefore, when I later considered cosmetic surgery it was Dr. Hallak I turned to. First I sought his skill with my eyelids which seemed to disappear when I opened my eyes wide, therefore making eye makeup disappear with them. Dr. Hallak solved this problem with skillful surgery so that now the makeup I use is visible.

I then decided to have a complete facelift, and naturally arranged with Dr. Hallak for the surgery. I am very happy that I did, and I am very pleased with the results. A longtime friend who knew what I was doing was amazed, and told me that I looked like I had ten years ago. I think that one reason for the good result is that Dr. Hallak didn’t pull my skin tight, as do some plastic surgeons, so my face looked completely natural after the procedure. I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Hallak to anyone considering any type of plastic surgery.


I have had plastic surgery before, but this is NOT about that terrible experience. This is about a wonderful result, a fast and easy healing process, and a fantastic plastic surgeon that not only listened to my needs, but made my surgical experience one that I now want to share with others. Having had a breast lift years ago, it was time for a reduction due to neck and arm pain. I knew that I would NOT return to the first plastic surgeon that did not listen to my wants, and was now the reason for a second surgery. Dr. Antoine Hallak listened to what I wanted my body to look like, made some suggestions based on his surgical knowledge, found a way for me to get financing to cover all expenses, and then completed the work in a professional manner with wonderful results! I highly recommend Dr. Hallak! He has also operated on my daughter, not once, but twice! I feel like I have made a friend for life! Doctor always made me feel comfortable and relaxed, and ALWAYS kept a professional manner and advised me well. I miss going into the office now, His staff is just as professional and welcoming as he is, and the family atmosphere is not just because his wife works in the office. These are real people who truly care about their patients and make the plastic surgery experience a fantastic one. Thank you Doctor Hallak and all the staff of San Diego Institute of Plastic Surgery

-V.C., Poway, California

Dr. Hallak performed breast reduction surgery on me just a little over a year ago. I am very pleased with the results and recommend his services. He and his staff are professional and caring.

- K.H.

“Dr. Hallak was the second Plastic surgeon I consulted after learning that my silicone implants from 1989 were leaking, as well as an unidentified mass in my left breast. The mass could not be reached without further damaging the implants. I had first started having pains 3 or 4 months earlier and was worried about the cause. I was not seeking out a Plastic surgeon for enhancement but rather for the particular knowledge an implant surgeon would have regarding implant removal.

The first Plastic surgeon I was referred to for removal of my implants was pressuring me into having a breast lift and new implants. At the time I was only concerned with removing the leaking implants and finding out about the mass. The surgeon even indicated that he would not want to perform surgery without replacing the implants because I would be unhappy with the results. Even with my husband present with me to assure the doctor we were only interested in a clean removal of the silicone, he kept the pressure on. I didn’t have a good feeling and asked for a second opinion.

Once I met Dr. Hallak, I knew I was in good hands! First and foremost, he was most concerned with my health and well-being. He explained everything and told me what my options were. He told me that considering replacing the implants would be foolish at this time, since they would only interfere with the identification and possible biopsy or removal of the unknown mass.

Dr. Hallak did tell me what results I could expect and if I was unhappy with my new shape that Plastic surgery in the future was always an option, but that we needed to get me healthy first. The office staff handled all questions, appointments, surgery scheduling and all other details with great professionalism and compassion.

Dr. Hallak scheduled surgery ASAP and the surgery went as described with no surprises based on all the information he presented me with prior to the operation. He removed all of the loose silicone and I have two small scars under each breast that have healed beautifully. At the post-op visit Dr. Hallak reminded me to get an appointment for another mammogram and ultrasound and he seemed very concerned that I get that mass diagnosed.

I am very happy with my results and a push-up bra is doing wonders for me right now, though I would definitely trust Dr. Hallak for implant surgery if I decide to go down that road again in the future.”

D. G.
Rancho Bernardo, CA

“During my consultation with Dr. Hallak I found him to be very professional as a Plastic surgeon and I felt very comfortable. I left the office feeling confident with choosing him for my breast augmentation. Dr Hallak answered all my questions and allowed me to understand everything about the procedure I had chosen.

He is truly caring, honest, polite and I would recommend him to anyone.

Since my surgery I am proud to say I am a patient of his.

Thank you Dr. Hallak!.”

A. D.
Poway, CA