Male Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures

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This patient is 27 years old. The patient's height is 6'1". The patient's weight is 160lbs. The breast consisted of a mixed glandular and adipose tissue. The resected amount was not listed from the right side, and not listed from the left side. The amountof liposuction was 410 from the right, and 410 from the left. The excision was done through a periareolar incision. The technique used during this procedure was Combined Excision and Liposuction. After photos for this patient were taken 4 months months postoperatively. Age: 27 Height Feet: 6 Height Inches: 1 Weight: 160 Breast Consistency: mixed glandular and adipose Amount Resected Left (ccs): not listed Amount Resected Right (ccs): not listed Amount Liposuctioned Left (ccs): 410 Amount Liposuctioned Right (ccs): 410 Incision Area: periareolar Technique Used: Combined Excision and Liposuction Months between operation and 'after' photos: 4 months

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